Health insurance 2019: to switch or not to switch?

Health insurance 2019: to switch or not to switch?

What options do you have?

Starting this week, you will have the possibility to change your health insurance for 2019. Should you change your coverage or provider?  Should you increase your level of excess or deductable (‘Eigen Risico’) to reduce your premium? How about supplementary insurance?

We have issued a Special Newsletter on Health insurance 2019, providing you with the information you may need to decide. 

Premiums will increase

All insurance companies have now announced their premiums for 2019. When the government presented their 2019 budget, it predicted a considerable increase of premiums of at least 10 € per month. Providers have announced 2019 premiums, with increases of up to 12 €.

If you decide to change your health insurance, you need to so December 31st at the latest.

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