FAQ 18

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Where I find a GP (‘huisarts’) ?

It is best to choose a GP close to where you live. This makes it easier for you to visit the practice and for the doctor to visit you. There are different ways to find a suitable 'huisarts'.

Where can I find an English speaking mental healthcare professional ?

Generally the GP will suggest a Primary or Secondary Mental Health provider, but you are free to find your own mental Healthcare provider.

How to get medical care after hours ?

In the case of a life-threatening emergency call 112. In other (urgent) cases look here what to do.

Where can I get a yearly health check ?

A general health check is not recommended in the Netherlands. Read more about why this is and what options are if you are concerned about your health and want to get a health check.

Are there private medical facilties where I can get better service ?

Since 2006, the Dutch system allows private, for profit, enterprises to deliver  healthcare services. They may offer shorter waiting times or better services, but overall medical quality is not better or worse that of non-profit providers. When trying to find a Healthcare provider, you may check reviews of other patients.


Am I free to choose my GP (‘Huisarts’) ?

Yes, you are free to choose a GP or ask for a specific hospital or Medical spacialist to be referred to. There are some limitations that you should know about.

Can I visit a medical specialist, as I am used to back home ?

No, to visit a Medical specialist, you need a referral from your GP.

I need a doctor, where should I go ?

If you need a doctor you should first visit a General Practitioner (GP). If you don't have a GP, you should first find one. Unless it is a life-threatening emergency, you cannot visit a hospital.

Having a baby2

Can I get pain medication when giving birth ?

Yes, you can. Read more about the options of receiving pain medication.

Can I deliver my baby in hospital ?

Yes, you have a choice of delivering at home or in hospital. You may have to make a financial contribution, if a hospital delivery is not medically necessary.


What is ‘Eigen Bijdrage’

Eigen Bijdrage means Personal Contribution and is what you have to pay yourself for some Medication or Medical aids.

You will have to pay this contribution every time that you receive medication or a medical aid that is subject to a personal contribution, even if you have already reached your annual excess.

What is ‘Eigen risico’ and how does it work ?

For most Medical costs covered by the the Basic Dutch Health Insurance a deductible (excess) applies. This excess is the yearly amount that is not reimbursed by Basic Dutch Health Insurance. Minimum excess 2018 is 385 €.called Eigen Risico (literally ‘own risk’). Some Medical costs do not count towards your excess.

Why do I have to pay my Insurance provider for a treatment, while I am insured?

There may be two reasons for that:

  1. It concerns a treatment that counts towards your excess, the yearly amount that is not covered by Basic Dutch Health Insurance. Minimum excess 2018 is 385 €.
  2. It concerns a medecin or aid for which there is a personal contribution
What are the cost of Dutch health insurance

The monthly premium for Basic Health Insurance is approximately 110 - 120 € for adults (18 years and older). If you opt for a higher level of excess (Eigen risico) this premium will be lower.

If you opt for Supplementary Health Insurance you will charged for this as well.

Learn more about the costs of Health Insurance and excess.

I have good medical coverage, why do I need a Dutch insurance

Every person that resides or works in the Netherlands has the obligation to hold a Basic Dutch Health Insurance Policy (Basisverzekering), even if you are already insured back home. There are some exceptions to this rule. You need to have Dutch health insurance for the entire time that you live, or work in the Netherlands.


Can I take my medication abroad ?

Depending on the type of medication, you may have to arrange for Medical certificate. Depending where you are travelling, it may take a few weeks to get this certificate.

Where can I get the medication I am used to ?

Use of medication in the Netherlands may be different than what you are used to. Medication often requires a prescription. Prescriptions are filled at a Pharmacy (Apotheek). Over-the-counter-drugs can also be found at a Drogist (Chemist ot Drugstore). Consult your GP ('Huisarts') if you were prescribed medication at home or have a Medical issue for which you would like to be treated.