SGE international runs health check pilot

Following research in the international community which we reported about in our December newsletter, SGE and H4i discussed with internationals how their needs for a broad range of preventive healthcare services could best be met. In a dialogue with a few dozen internationals various initiatives were identified aimed at improving health, fitness and well being of internationals. In one specific pilot 30 internationals will undergo a comprehensive health check by a physician, fysiotherapist, dietician and nurse practioner mental health. Purpose of this pilot is to learn to what extent this service will meet the needs of internationals and if it can be integrated as a regular service of SGE international.

The health check combines the type of services that are already available in the Dutch market, like the Personal Health Check developed in cooperation with a.o. the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG) and those made available to employees in the Netherlands to test their physical fitness. Including a consultation with a dietician, fysiotherapist and mental health specialist, the health check intends to offer a comprehensive feedback on the state of health and fitness of a patient. The check will also focus on what the international, if so required with professional support, can do to keep healthy or become fitter..
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