Health insurance for internationals


Health Insurance in the Netherlands is mandatory, though there are a few exceptions. Read more here about your possibilities.

Check if LoonZorg suits your needs

Logo LoonZorgH4i has an agreement with LoonZorg, an organization that offers a variety of healthcare insurances, specifically for internationals. Under this agreement LoonZorg supports H4i, thus enabling H4i members to improve and expand their services for internationals. Click here to go to LoonZorg.

Low premium No Risk policy

LoonZorg is a specialist in healthcare insurances for internationals. LoonZorg offers amongst others the low premium No Risk policy that covers in addition to the mandatory ‘Basisverzekering’:

  • Coverage of the “Own Risk” (385,- euro)
  • Coverage of emergency dental care to a value of 200,- euros per year
  • Coverage of repatriation within geographical Europe
  • This insurance can be ended with one day’s notice
  • Low premium of  € 95,40 / month (2018)

Important to know about this product:

  • The policy does come with a voluntary excess. This means that if you exceed 385,- euro of care expenses you will receive an invoice for the costs above the 385,- with a maximum of 500,- euro.
  • Since there is already a supplementary insurance attached to the No Risk policy, you cannot add extra supplementary insurances to it.
  • You must have a foreign (non-Dutch) passport and
  • You have to be employed in the Netherlands or must have a partner that takes out the No Risk policy.
  • Internationals (and their international partners) who have newly arrived or are currently living in the Netherlands are both eligible for this policy.

To learn if this policy meets your needs or to register go to LoonZorg.

Note: Healthcare for internationals cannot advise you on what insurance is best suited for you.

Note: you are free to choose any Dutch health insurance provider and your choice does not affect the level of care and service you receive at healthcare providers, whether a member of H4i or not. Always check if your insurance provider has contracted the healthcare provider of your choice.