Case SGE International

In Eindhoven a team of internationals helped SGE to develop SGE International. In 2014 a project was started to improve the accessibility of healthcare for internationals working and living in the city. The first step in this process involved a meeting, called by the Expat Center South,  in which representatives of University Eindhoven, international companies, health insurance providers and healthcare providers discussed how to better meet the needs and expectations of people with an international background.

SGE and IHS agreed to develop a plan, starting by interviewing internationals from the Eindhoven community to learn about their needs and expectations. During these dialogues, the professionals of SGE learned that people with an international background are not necessarily demanding the services which they are accustomed to, but, first and foremost want to feel safe in a system they don’t know.

With this in mind the project started to redesign healthcare for this community. For this purpose, a new center was developed at Strijp-S, a location that was already planned tot serve as an incubator for healthcare innovation. A panel of 10 internationals was established, which advised SGE on desired services and their relative priorities.

During the development period the panel contributed to a broad range of subjects, including the required skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals, information provision, online accessiblity and appointment scheduling, hospitality, registration and the intake of new patients.

SGE International opened its doors in November 2015.