Help us to close the gap

H4i is calling on internationals living in the Netherlands to help healthcare providers in their city to close the gap between Dutch healthcare and their needs and expectations. This process may differ between cities, but often starts with a dialogue between internationals and healthcare providers. Subsequently, further steps are defined in order to develop, in cooperation with an international panel, healthcare services that better meet the needs and expectations of people with an international background.

During various rounds of dialogue with internationals, the professionals of SGE  learned that people with an international background are not necessarily demanding the services they are accustomed to. Rather, they mainly want to feel safe in an unfamiliar system. ‘Closing the gap’ does not mean: deviate from medical guidelines, but building trust in the Dutch system.  This was the starting point of the project SGE International, that aims to close the gap that internationals perceive to exist between their needs and Dutch healthcare.

Are you an international, healthcare provider or stakeholder, and would you like to help to ‘close the gap’? Then please contact us.