Internationals in the Netherlands

Almost 800.000 people with an international background currently reside in the Netherlands. This number includes knowledge workers, migrants, students and refugees with a residence permit. These internationals often bring their families. Internationals play an important role in the economic and social development of the Netherlands.

Research* has shown that a large part of the people from an international background, living and working in the Netherlands, don’t feel comfortable with Dutch Healthcare. Confidence in doctors is very low; only 32% trusts the judgement of their doctor, compared to 85% amongst the Dutch. This is caused by the expectations people have when they come to the Netherlands.
Lack of trust causes internationals to feel unsafe or even anxious. This results in many finding themselves ill at home in the Netherlands, impeding social and economic integration.

Healthcare 4 internationals considers it essential that everyone in the Netherlands should feel safe with his or her doctor. This strenghtens the patient-doctor relationship as well and therefor the results of treatment.

Research, as well as the project at SGE International have shown that confidence of internationals increases, if caregivers take the time to better understand the needs and expectations of their international patient. Also investments in accessibility, hospitality and specific communications skills have proven effective.

*You can request a summary of this research to be sent by mail.

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