Reffat Ara Segufa

Reffat photo croppedBefore coming to the Netherlands two years ago, I practiced as a medical doctor in my home country of Bangladesh. I am currently doing my Masters at Leiden University on vitality and aging while my husband does his engineering PhD at the TU Eindhoven.
I am very pleased to have been, and still be, involved in the dialogue with SGE on setting up a new health care centre for internationals. I wear two hats on the panel: one, as an international resident and two, as a doctor. While the Dutch health system is quite different from the Bangladeshi health system, as a doctor I have a better understanding of the Dutch approach than most international lay people.

To my mind, the biggest challenge between the Dutch health services and internationals lies in the language barrier. It is hard to share medical problems when you do not speak the language. Given my background, I am in a good position to help close that communications gap and this is why I welcomed the SGE initiative to talk with internationals so as to set up an international health centre that better meets their expectations.

My experiences on the panel are very positive. All its members give input that SGE can act upon. SGE takes all our points on board. The communication on the panel is open and we all share ideas and information. We are regularly asked for our ideas on improving the International Health Care Centre and I am pleased to contribute to building a centre that not only provides good health care services to its clients, but does so in a common language. This in itself will bring comfort to internationals and, in particular, newcomers.

Reffat Ara Segufa (Bangladesh)