What internationals are saying

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“I have the confidence that I will be treated with skill, knowledge and competence in a welcoming environment…”
Vicki (Canada)

I had a long career in the health care sector in Canada before moving to the Netherlands a couple of years ago. The language barrier has made it difficult for me to find work in health care here, so …….Read more

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“I am pleased to contribute to building a center, that not only provides good healthcare, but does so in a common language”  Reffat (Bangladesh)

Before coming to the Netherlands two years ago, I practiced as a medical doctor in my home country of Bangladesh. I am currently doing my Masters at Leiden University on vitality and aging while ….. Read more

“The professionals of SGE listened to everyone’s input seriously, even when it was negative. The panel was a mutual learning process” Hamid (Iran)

I moved to the Netherlands in 2001 and currently work for an industrial machine manufacturer in Eindhoven. As I have been here for quite a while, I do not consider myself an expat anymore, even though …..Read more

“In the year I was on the panel, I saw our expectations turned into reality. Since then I have met with my doctor and have a very positive impression”. Arsylia  (Greece)

When I moved to the Netherlands from Greece about four years ago, I knew that it takes time to find your feet in a new country and understand how things work. One of the challenges was….
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