The following organisations support the efforts of H4i to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs of internationals:



Non-Dutch citizens living in the Netherlands often have specific questions about their banking affairs. ABN AMRO has multilingual employees to provide expats with help and detailed advice. Their International Client advisors specialize in advising international customers about banking in the Netherlands

They are more than happy to help expats open a bank account, to buy a house in the Netherlands or help with any other financial matters. In English of course.

ABN AMRO knows from its contacts with internationals, that, like banking affairs, healthcare often is an important topic. Therefore ABN AMRO supports H4i.

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KIT Intercultural professionals and KIT Health have an in-depth knowledge of care systems around the world and intercultural communication and understanding. The institute provides consultancy services and training on, amongst others, the delivery of healthcare in an international setting and intercultural understanding and communications between healthcare professionals and their international patients.

For H4i KIT has developed a one day training program that helps doctors and other medical professionals to better understand the needs and expectations of internationals living in the Netherlands. Read more about this training….

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Various other organisations support H4i or are aspiring to become a member of the network of healthcare providers serving the international community in the Netherlands.