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About Healthcare for internationals

Healthcare for internationals(H4i) is a non-profit network aimed at the exchange of knowledge, skills and concepts. H4i is an initiative of SGE, SAG, ZON and International Health Services.

For over 30 years SGE is providing primary healthcare services in Eindhoven. Over 80.000 people use SGE’s services, which are delivered by healthcare professionals in 10 healthcare centers.

SAG delivers healthcare services to 85.000 people from 15 health centers across Amsterdam.

ZON operates 7 Healthcare centers in the Rotterdam area.

International health Services (IHS) supports healthcare providers to improve accessibility of their services for people from an international background.

For the past year and a half SGE and IHS have cooperated to realise a healthcare center for internationals in Eindhoven. SGE International opened its doors late 2015, as SGE’s 11th center.

Through the exchange of knowledge, skills and tools, H4i aims to facilitate and support similar developments by healthcare providers across The Netherlands. At this moment H4i is already cooperating with parties in a number of Dutch cities.


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