Added value

Participants may have various reasons to innovate healthcare for people with an international background:

  • An increase of trust of international patients in their doctor strengthens the patient-doctor relationship and therefor the results of treatment.
  • Development of healthcare for this target group serves a broader innovation agenda towards population oriented healthcare.
  • There is a need to increase market share and to attract addtional patient groups.
  • Many internationals are already registered as patients, but serving them is considered to be complicated. It deflects attention from other groups and ultimately leads to universal dissatisfaction.
  • Public health is at stake, because specific patient groups purchase antibiotics abroad, contrary to Dutch policy.
  • The government or business community wants to improve the conditions for investment and settlement. This can be motivated both economically and socially to foster integration of migrants into the Dutch system.

By sharing knowledge, skills and tools, the cost and risks of development are considerably reduced.