Healthcare providers

H4i, a network of healthcare providers

Healthcare 4 internationals is a non-profit network of organisations which aims to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs and expectations of people with an internationals background. It concerns primarily healthcare providers, but also other stakeholding organisations can participate.
Internationals, collectively organised, also participate in H4i.

By exchanging knowledge, skills and concepts, healthcare providers in H4i can innovate healthcare delivery to internationals and create added value against minimal addtional costs and risks.

Participants may have various reasons to innovate healthcare for people with an international background. The added value of innovating…
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What can H4i do for healthcare providers

  • Participants of H4i can share knowledge skills and tools, in addition to jointly developing healthcare programs for the target group.
  • Healthcare providers participating in H4i jointly develop and manage a quality label that guarantees internationals an appropriate level of care.
  • Internationals will be able to participate both nationaly and regionaly in the development of healthcare services targeted at the people with an international background. This participation is facilitated by H4i.
  • H4i provides on behalf of the particpants information to the target group about Dutch Healthcare and the services of its members.
  • H4i promotes the common interests of its participants
  • H4i supports healthcare providers  in developing services.

The aformentioned activities are ideally organised decentrally, by one or more participants.