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Specialized service for expats

Arranging all your financial needs in a new country can be overwhelming and stressful. A new environment, a new culture, and different habits. In order to help expatriates in the Netherlands with their specific questions and needs, the Rabobank has set up a specialized expatriate service: the Rabo Expat Desk.

We offer a wide range of financial products and services. Bank accounts, insurances, mortgages and so on. But we are more than that. We empower the local communities we work for and in. We are active in these communities, together with our customers, members, associations and foundations.

Originated from the ambition to fight poverty within the farming community, Raiffeisen started a credit cooperation. More than one hundred years ago he laid the foundation of who we are as a bank today: one that works on the basis of cooperative principles and values. You are very welcome for an introductory meeting.

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Rabobank is a cooperative bank.

Rabobank is active throughout the Netherlands with a high degree of local independence, so that they can better serve their customers and local communities. Rabobank also has extensive international banking activities. They focus on international business and rural activities in general and on the food and agri sector in particular. Rabobank contributes to the long-term growth of individuals, sectors and society as a whole.

Rabobank is active throughout the entire healthcare chain. Rabobank invests with knowledge, network and investments in the transformation of healthcare in the Netherlands, so that its unique accessibility, quality and affordability are preserved. For the vitality of new employees in the Netherlands, knowledge of our care system is important to be able to use this system properly.

Our expat desk is happy to help you with all your questions about banking matters.