Give permission for treatment

Your healthcare provider may only examine and treat you with your permission. Sometimes people are not able to do so, for example in case of a psychosis or after a serious accident. The patient is then legally incapable. In this situation, someone else has to give permission. Often this is a family member.

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No permission ➜

You are not obliged to give permission for a treatment. If you do not give permission for a medical examination or a treatment, the doctor must respect your decision. The doctor should always inform you about…

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Revoking your permission ➜

If you doubt your given permission for a certain procedure, you can always come back to your decision.

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Emergency treatment ➜

If in an emergency situation you are unable to give your consent, a doctor may treat you, except if some kind of ‘do not resuscitate’ statement shows that you do not want to be treated.