Maternity care for internationals in Eindhoven

Maternity care for internationals in Eindhoven
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Every country and culture has its own practices for maternity care (kraamzorg). Dutch maternity care often is a pleasant surprise for mothers who just delivered their baby, but also raises questions like: ‘will it be covered by my healthcare insurance’, or ‘will they take into account my specific wishes and preferences’.

Helma van Oijen, manager Kraamzorg VDA (Maternity Care VDA): “In Eindhoven you’ll find many initiatives that aim to make internationals feel at home. As an organization specialized in maternity care we want to contribute by having our care better meet the needs and expectations of internationals”

The maternity nurses speak English fluently and have been trained in the specific terms of perinatal care. They also work closely with midwives, GP’s and other caregivers who focus on perinatal care for internationals. Information for parents is available in English, Polish hand Chinese.

Cooperation To further the cooperation with other healthcare providers, on January 15th Kraamzorg VDA signed an agreement to become a member of the network Healthcare for internationals (H4i), a non-profit network that aims to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs and expectations of internationals. Dirk Jan Frijling of H4i: “we are very happy to have Kraamzorg VDA join our network. With a regional network that also includes SGE International, Midwifery Practice Eindhoven and youth healthcare ZuidZorg, Internationals in Eindhoven region can now rely on perinatal and youth healthcare which is tailored to their needs.

From right to left: Helma van Oijen (Manager Kraamzorg VDA), Robbert Kastercum (Director Kraamzorg VDA) and Dirk Jan Frijling  signing  the H4i membership agreement.