Official organizations and authorities

Healthcare rules are determined nationally by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport in consultation with patient rights groups,  healthcare providers and health insurers. The Healthcare Authority (NZA) supervises the system and the Health Inspection supervises the healthcare providers. This makes the system efficient, consistent and in line with the needs of society.

Every person in the Netherlands is entitled to healthcare offered in the basic care package. We all contribute to this through our health insurance. The National Health Care Institute (‘Zorg Instituut Nederland’) determines and advises on which types of  healthcare are included in the basic care package and which are not.

Zorginstituut Nederland’s motto is “Taking care of good healthcare: no more and no less than necessary”. Every citizen must be able to count on receiving good healthcare. No more and no less than is necessary, while also avoiding unnecessary costs.

As a public organisation, the Zorginstituut assesses healthcare systematically. They assess whether diagnostics and (therapeutic) interventions are being deployed in a patient-oriented, effective and cost-effective manner.