Finding a Health Insurance Provider

Almost 40 providers (including labels) offer the Basic Health Insurance Policy. All of them:

  • Offer the same coverage that is determined by the government.
  • Offer one or more options in the form of either/or an in-kind policy (including budget) or restitution policy.
  • Have monthly premiums that differ but are around 125 € in average (2022). Premiums tend to increase with the rising cost of healthcare.
  • Have the same mandatory excess.
  • Offer supplementary Health Insurance Policies (that are optional). The coverage and premium for these Supplementary Policies may differ between providers.

Before you start looking for an Insurance Provider talk to your employer. In some cases, your employer will organize and offer Corporate Healthcare Insurance. Check if this applies to you.

If your employer doesn’t offer corporate health insurance, you may check websites that compare all health insurance providers like this one: Zorgwijzer.

As the coverage of the Basic Health Insurance policy is the same for all providers, the premium and Customer Service are the most important differentiators. At Zorgwijzer you will find customer reviews of all providers and packages.

Note: If you are taking out Dutch health insurance for the first time read this Special 2022 Health Insurance Newsletter.

Note: if you also want to opt for Supplementary Health Insurance, include your requirements (e.g. Dental or Physiotherapy) in your search, as this will make it easier to differentiate between providers and Supplementary Insurance Packages.

To register with a Health Insurance Provider, you need a Social Security Number (burgerservicenummer or BSN), that is usually issued at the same time you register at the City Hall -municipality (gemeente). In most cases you are also required to have a Dutch address and bank account.