Basic Dutch Health Insurance

The Basic Dutch Health Insurance Policy (Basisverzekering) offers a universal package for everyone over the age of 18 years, this is regardless of gender, age and health. It is in principle illegal for Health Insurance Companies to refuse an application or impose special conditions.
The Dutch government decides every year, what is covered and what the compulsory excess (eigen risico) is. If you don’t take out insurance while you are required to do so, you risk a fine.

Dutch Healthcare Insurance is also explained here in a simple, but comprehensive animation.

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Coverage ➜

Services and products covered Basic health insurance policies by law cover the following: Basic Medical Care; including care provided by General Practitioners, Medical Specialists and Obstetricians Hospital treatment Dental care up to the age of 18…

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Type of policies ➜

There are two types of insurance policies: Natura polis (in-kind policy), with care providers billing directly to the insurance company; Restitutie polis (restitution policy), which allows you to choose your own health care supplier, who will…

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Excess and cost of insurance ➜

To cover the cost of Dutch healthcare you will need to pay a monthly premium for your Basic Health Insurance (and for any supplementary insurance you may haves selected) , pay yourself, to a maximum of your…

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Many Insurance providers ➜

Almost 40 providers (including labels) offer the Basic Health Insurance Policy. All of them Offer the same coverage that is determined by the government. Offer one or more options in the form of either/or an in-kind…