Health Insurance and cost

If you live or work in the Netherlands you have to hold a basic Dutch Basic Health Insurance Policy (Basisverzekering) within 4 months after arrival, even if you are already insured in another country. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

You are free to choose your Health Insurance Provider and may change provider every year. In some cases, companies will offer Corporate Healthcare Insurance. Check with your employer if this applies to you.

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Basic Dutch Health Insurance ➜

The Basic Dutch Health Insurance Policy (Basisverzekering) offers a universal package for everyone over the age of 18 years, this is regardless of gender, age and health. It is in principle illegal for Health Insurance Companies…

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Obligation to hold a Dutch policy ➜

Every person that resides or works in the Netherlands has the obligation to hold a Basic Dutch Health Insurance Policy (Basisverzekering), even if you are already insured back home. You need to have Dutch health insurance…

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Supplementary health insurance ➜

You may opt for a Supplementary Insurance to cover medical cost that are not (fully) covered by the Basic Health Insurance, like the cost of Dental Care, glasses, Alternative Healthcare, or to cover your personal contributions…

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Cost of healthcare ➜

Healthcare  Providers will charge you for their services based on regulated or negotiated tariffs. In many cases these will be settled directly with your health insurer. If you have a low income and/or very high Healthcare…

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Finding a Health Insurance Provider ➜

Almost 40 providers (including labels) offer the Basic Health Insurance Policy. All of them: Offer the same coverage that is determined by the government. Offer one or more options in the form of either/or an in-kind…

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Private Health Insurance ➜

If you are exempt from the obligation to hold a Dutch Basic Health Insurance and are not covered by insurance in your home country, you are advised to opt for private Health Insurance or Expat Insurance…