How does it work?

Healthcare in the Netherlands ranks amongst the best in the world, giving people access to the most advanced treatments and preventative care. Some things, however, may be arranged in a different way than you are used to.
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Curative care ➜

The central role of the General Practitioner A key to Dutch curative (or medical) healthcare is the General Practitioner (GP) or family doctor (‘huisarts’) who is your first contact for all medical questions and issues. GP’s…

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Preventative Care and Health Checks ➜

The Netherlands has good nation-wide preventive health programs. Preventative health programs are available at different stages in an individual’s development and most are free of charge. There are screening programs during pregnancy and several after a…

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Long term care ➜

People in the Netherlands who require permanent or 24-hour home care are entitled to Long Term Care, which is aimed at the most vulnerable groups in Dutch society, such as elderly people in the advanced stages…

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Freedom of choice ➜

You are, by law, free to choose your  healthcare provider. No one can direct you to go to a specific  healthcare provider or medical specialist, but there are some limitations: GP’s may be closed to new…

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Private and non-profit providers ➜

Since 2006, the Dutch system allows private, for profit, enterprises to deliver  healthcare services. They provide both Long term care services and curative, mostly secondary healthcare services. They focus on low-complexity healthcare services, such as orthopedic…