Maternity care

After delivery, a maternity care assistant will provide professional help at home. This type of maternity care is unique in the Netherlands and is called Kraamzorg.

For at least a week after the birth, professional help is provided. During a home birth, the maternity care assistant supports the midwife and after a hospital birth the maternity care assistant is on your doorstep within hours of leaving the hospital.

Kraamzorg duties range from (medical) care for the new mother and infant, light household activities, guidance on breast feeding and baby care and looking after other family members (such as other children).

Maternity care assistant

The maternity assistant has completed vocational education and training for three years. She is an employee at a maternity care organization or she can be self-employed.

The basic health care insurance covers the expenses for the maternity assistant, apart from the contribution of €4,70 (2022) per hour which the parents have to pay themselves. Sometimes the health care insurance will cover these costs, if the parents have additional insurance.