The International Advisory Group today

If you want to know who we are and what we do, this is the place for you to read. Decide whether or not you want to join forces with us and catalyze change, foster improvement and ‘close the gap’ in Healthcare Services across The Netherlands

We are a multicultural group of volunteers located across The Netherlands.  Together we created an independent organism that, whilst supporting H4i in “Closing the Gap” aims to specifically and better represent the international community across the country. We hope that in doing so, Healthcare Providers can increase their understanding of the most important and current needs of this ever-growing population.

As of January 2019, we have representatives in different regions of The Netherlands and we are always happy to hear from people like you, willing to volunteer and interested in easing the experience of internationals.

We get together 3-5 times a year on a set location and work online as a whole and regionally on a daily basis, for a total of about 8-16hrs per month of volunteer work making things happen for the internationals’ benefit all year long.

Be a part of the change

You can be part of the change in many ways! Keep reading…

  • Do you want to represent your region or join the board?  Take a look at the IAG member’s profile and contact the IAG today!
  • Do you want to participate without joining the board?  Take a look at what you can help us –and the international community- with here!
  • Having doubts whether or not to join the board?  Check what would happen and what we would expect from you if you do.