Meet the Group members

Meet the Group members and see where they live:


What motivates you?
Be a beacon of change not only for myself but for others as well, small steps can go a long way and sometimes all it takes it’s for someone to be willing to speak up to initiate change and progress.


What motivates you?
I believe that as a citizen I must try to actively contribute to the improvement of our society.



What motivates you?
Participating in anything that contributes to making life better for internationals living in the Netherlands. Providing the support that I did not get when I first moved to the Netherlands (and Sweden) so many years ago. I’m extremely social, so enjoy interacting with people one-on-one, but also like knowing that I am a cog in the wheel and enjoy playing a supportive role in larger initiatives.



What motivates you?
I believe that the Dutch Health System has flaws that are not tackled or even acknowledged by the dutch, yet we expats have seen and keep seeing them. Sometimes, Dutch people complain about some of these flaws, yet they just accept them because “that is how it is”. I am sure that something can be done about it and I would like to take part into it. I am never sick and I pay a lot on health insurance, so when I do need the insurance I want to have the right treatment.



What motivates you?
”I believe helping one another gives us (as a human being) a sense of purpose, it’s our nature to give back to others (not necessarily to those we have benefited from)”.
My motivation comes from connecting to the needs of those around me by giving back in any way possible.




What motivates you?
Looking for a chance to both use and further my skills in the area, and do some volunteer work



What motivates you?
I am motivated by the idea of making health care more accessible for everyone, including for incoming and already nested internationals and their families. Accessibility is not only about individuals being able to physically walk, bike or drive to a health service or affording it, it is also about the individual being able to receive the service in the quality that they deserve. Quality rests in the individual being heard and able to choose—to choose what is best for him or her irrespective of his/her financial situation, an unknown treatment method or a language barrier.


REBECA – International Board coordinator

What motivates you?
“  I’ve witnessed the interest of Dutch professionals, Organizations, and Health Care Providers to make their services not only better, but more suitable and available for Internationals.  Many Health Professionals are truly open, focused, and interested in closing the gap.  But to do that, they need our help, and I mean YOUR help, and mine.  They need us to speak up, to share our experiences, our views, opinions, fears, and expectations in order to better develop the strategies and adjust their services within the National Medical Standards to begin with.