General Practitioner (Huisarts)

The GP, or ‘huisarts’, is your first contact for all medical questions and concerns.

It is strongly recommended to register with a GP in your area as soon as you are settled.

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Why register ➜

GP’s are trained specialists in treating the most common complaints such as pediatric diseases and gynecological issues. The GP also cares for patients with chronic illnesses. When needed your GP will prescribe medication or refer you…

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What does a GP do? ➜

The role of the GP (‘huisarts’ or family doctor) in the Dutch health system is central to all health care. For many newcomers the single most important difference between medical practice in The Netherlands and that…

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Other practice staff ➜

GP Assistant The first line of support that you receive at your GP office, whether you telephone or are at the front desk, is with the doctor’s assistant. (S)he will assist you in making an appointment…

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Finding and registering with a GP ➜

Most GP’s will only register you as their patient, if you live in the service area of their practice. That is because your GP must be able to reach your home address within 15 minutes in…

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Making an appointment ➜

If you call the GP’s office to make an appointment, the GP’s assistant, will ask questions in order to: determine the urgency of your situation (and, in some cases, check if more immediate action is required)…

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After hours ➜

Most GPs are part of a network of practices, which provide care during the evening, night or weekend, assuring that medical support can be given when needed. If you call your doctor’s practice after regular opening…