Preventive Healthcare

Preventive health Care is healthcare which aims to prevent diseases. In the Netherlands this is done by means of preventive programs that consist of a combination of:

  • Health education, e.g. about healthy food or the risks of smoking,
  • Health checks aimed at the early detection of anomalies, or discovering diseases at an early stage
  • Preventative treatment such as life style interventions,
  • Vaccinations.
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Preventive health programs ➜

The Netherlands has good nation-wide preventive health programs. Preventative health programs are available at different stages in an individual’s development and most are free of charge. Follow up checks and treatment by a medical specialist, if…

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Health checks ➜

A general health check is not recommended in the Netherlands. This is because scientific evidence suggests that general health checks are unlikely to be beneficial and may cause harm. If you are concerned and still desire…