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Pregnancy and giving birth

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Pregnancy ➜

In the Netherlands, pregnancy is considered a natural event. Home deliveries are common. Of course you can also choose to deliver in a hospital, but without a medical need this may lead to additional costs. Check…

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Centering Pregnancy ➜

CenteringPregnancyTM is a health care concept originating from the USA, whereby a pregnant woman gets an active role in her care. An increasing number of midwifery practices in the Netherlands is offering CenteringPregnancy today. Women with…

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Pain Medication ➜

Unlike in many other countries, pain medication (e.g. by means of an epidural) is not a standard part of child birth in the Netherlands. Physicians, however, will respect your right to ask for pain relief. Note…

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Antenatal testing and ultrasound examination ➜

Every pregnant woman in the Netherlands is informed about tests that gives information about the risk that the baby has the Down’s, Edward’s or Patau’s syndrome. The costs and coverage by health care insurance depend on…

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Choice of home or hospital birth ➜

Low-risk women may choose whether to give birth at home or in the hospital (outpatient clinic). This free choice of place of birth is quite unique in the (western) world and is an important pillar of…