Supplementary health insurance

You may opt for a Supplementary Insurance to cover medical cost that are not (fully) covered by the Basic Health Insurance, like the cost of Dental Care, glasses, Alternative Healthcare, or to cover your personal contributions for services or medication that are only partly covered.

Packages differ considerably between Insurance Providers so, when selecting a Health Insurance Provider make sure you also check what Supplementary Packages it offers.

Taking a Supplementary Insurance is optional and a voluntary. Moreover, the Insurance Company has no obligation to accept you for a Supplementary Package or may require you to complete a medical declaration about your state of health. The insurance provider may also ask for a declaration of your health care provider, for instance a dentist in case of a supplementary insurance for dental care.

Some insurance companies allow you to take out supplementary insurance even though your are registered with another provider for your basic health insurance.

Do you really need supplementary insurance?

Supplementary packages often cover a combination of various care types, some of which you may not be interested in. So look for packages and insurance providers that offer as much as possible what you need. Always check if the potential benefits of supplementary insurance outweigh the premiums you have to pay.

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