Healthcare benefit and Tax deductable

Healthcare Benefit

You may apply for a Healthcare Benefit (Zorgtoeslag) where every month, you receive an amount of money that helps you to pay for some of your Healthcare costs. Maximum amounts (2022) are 110 € per month or € 211 (jointly) if you have a partner. They generally increase every year in line with the increase of premiums.

You can only receive a Healthcare Benefit if:

  • you are 18 years old or older;
  • you have Dutch health insurance;
  • your income is not too high (2022 threshold 32.500 € and 40.500 € in total if you have a partner);
  • your assets are less than (2022) 118.479 € (€ 149.819 in total if you have a partner);
  • you are a Dutch national, or have a valid residence permit.

The level of your benefit is dependent on your and your partners income. If you receive a Healthcare Benefit, you need to be mindful. Always inform the Tax Authorities if your situation changes – for example, if your income changes. If you do not inform the Tax Authorities, you may receive for a while more benefit than you are supposed to get, and later will have to pay back a lot of money.

Tax deductable

Some Healthcare cost above an income dependent threshold are deductible from your income tax. Check with your Tax Consultant or the Dutch Tax  authorities. If you can’t find the information you need in English you can also contact them.