Insurance premiums

If you have a Basic Health Insurance policy, you will be charged as follows:

  • Health Insurance providers will charge you a monthly premium that is dependent upon the type of policy and level of excess that you have opted for.
  • You will also be charged a premium for any family members that are registered and are 18 years, or older.
  • Children under 18 years are covered free of charge under the policy of one of their parent(s), but you will need to register them with the insurance company. Register a newborn child before it is 4 months old.
  • Premiums vary between Health Insurance providers. In average they are 125 € monthly (2022). Premiums tend to increase every year with the rising cost of healthcare provision. Compare premiums when you are selecting a provider. Here you can find an overview of current premiums.
  • You pay monthly premiums so long as you take out the Basic Health Insurance, whether you use any health care services or not.

In addition, your employer will also pay a contribution to cover the cost of health care that is a percentage of your income. If you are self-employed you will have to pay this contribution directly to the Tax Authorities.

The government extends a benefit to help cover these costs of healthcare for those with lower incomes.

If you opt for Supplementary Health Insurance, you will pay a premium for this as well.