There are a few notable exceptions to the obligation to hold a Dutch Basic Health Insurance Policy, such as temporary visitors from the EU and students. Children under 18 can be insured free of charge.

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If it is not clear ➜

If it is not clear if you have the legal obligation to have a Basic Dutch Health Insurance policy, you may check if you are insured under the Long-term Care Act (WLZ – Wet Langdurige Zorg)….

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Children ➜

Children under 18 do require a Basic Dutch Health Insurance but can be registered free of charge under the policy of one of their parents. They also have no excess. They can also be covered without additional…

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Temporary visitors from the EU ➜

If you hold the European Union Health Insurance Card (EHIC) you will be covered while your stay is temporary (as decided by the insurer in your home country). If your stay is not temporary (or if…

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Students ➜

Students and non-salaried academic researchers are exempt from holding a Basic Health Insurance unless they are working, even part-time, or as part of a paid internship. They need to be in the Netherlands for less than…

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Other situations ➜

If you Work in the Netherlands but live outside the Netherlands in an EU/EEA country Are posted to the Netherlands by a non-Dutch employer Work for an international organization, as an Au Pair or in another…