Your rights as a patient

As a patient you have, by Dutch law, a number of rights. You are entitled to:

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Understandable information ➜

Your healthcare provider must provide good information about your condition and treatment. You may record the consultation with your doctor. Then you can review the important information. There are rules, however For example, you may not distribute…

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Give permission for treatment ➜

Your healthcare provider may only examine and treat you with your permission. Sometimes people are not able to do so, for example in case of a psychosis or after a serious accident. The patient is then…

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A second opinion ➜

If you are unsure about your provider’s diagnosis or treatment? Then you can request the opinion of another healthcare provider. A second opinion may make sense when you have to take a difficult decision, for example:…

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File a complaint ➜

If you are not satisfied with your provider or treatment, you should first discuss it with him or her. It may be just the result of a misunderstanding that can be easily resolved. If not, you…