Physical Therapy

Whether you have visited a physiotherapist in the past or not, it might be helpful to learn how physiotherapists work and how you can access this particular type of healthcare while staying in the Netherlands.

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What is a physiotherapist ➜

What is a physiotherapist and how can he assist you? A physiotherapist is a health-professional who is specialized in problems of the body, related to movement. He or she can treat muscles and/ or joints, chronical…

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How to access a physiotherapist? ➜

You don’t need a referral (“verwijzing” in Dutch) from your doctor or general practitioner. If you think you have a problem related to the movement system of your body, you can make an appointment with a…

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Payment and Insurance ➜

In the Netherlands everyone is obliged to have a basic health insurance (“zorgverzekering” in Dutch). However, a basic health insurance doesn’t cover treatment by a physiotherapist (except in very specific situations) and you must choose (it’s…

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Different specializations ➜

Within the profession of physiotherapy there are certain treatments or complaint/patient types in which the physiotherapist can take a specific interest in, or even undertake additional education so he can become a Master in specific areas…