How costs are settled

Cost of Curative Healthcare services, medication or medical aids that you receive are in most cases (depending on the type of policy you have) directly settled between your Healthcare Provider and Health Insurer.

Your (Dutch) Health Insurance provider will inform you:

  • What costs they have reimbursed to the Healthcare Provider.
  • If there is a personal contribution to be covered.
  • How much you will need to pay, because you have not yet reached your excess.
  • How much you will need to pay, because it is not covered neither by the Basic Health Insurance Policy, nor your Supplementary Health Insurance, if you have any.

You will be invoiced for any payments due to personal contributions, costs below the annual excess , and costs that are not covered.

Many insurance providers may require that you allow them to collect these payments (as well as the monthly premiums) automatically from your bank account.

If you don’t have basic Dutch health insurance (but for instance international health insurance) you may have to pay directly to the Healthcare Provider and claim these costs from your Health insurance provider.