Preventive health programs

The Netherlands has good nation-wide preventive health programs. Preventative health programs are available at different stages in an individual’s development and most are free of charge.

Follow up checks and treatment by a medical specialist, if needed, are covered by your Basic Health insurance. Depending on your type of policy and level of excess costs may not be fully reimbursed.
Ask your GP about nation-wide preventative health programs and services.

During pregnancy and after delivery

There are screening programs during pregnancy and several after a child is born such as developmental checkups and a preventative vaccination program. These are administered by Youth Healthcare (‘Jeugd gezondheidszorg’) at the Baby Health Clinic (‘Consultatie Bureau’).

Population screening

There are also population screening programs later in life for diseases such as breast, cervical and colon cancer. You’ll be invited for these and they are executed at your GP’s office or at a Public Health facility. With the invitation you will receive information about the purpose and process of the screening.

Participation is on a voluntary basis. If you do not wish to participate, you can return the invitation to the laboratory indicating you do not wish the screening.

Programs for people at risk

Next to that there are also screening options available for people at risk for certain diseases such as cardiovascular, pulmonary or sexually transmitted diseases.
The flu vaccination is offered free of charge to people having a higher risk of becoming seriously ill if they get flu.