Where to get mental healthcare?

If you have mental health problems you can get support online, or from your GP, or company doctor.

If it concerns children under 18 years also youth healthcare professionals may help. They can provide treatment or refer you to other mental health professionals, depending on the nature of your problems and their complexity.

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Online mental healthcare ➜

Online mental health support (e-health) may help if you are suffering from mild mental or social problems; for instance, if you feel depressed or anxious, or have problems in your relationships, at work, or at school….

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Support from your GP ➜

If you are having trouble sorting out your problems on your own, or you don’t know exactly what is wrong with you, you can go to your GP or Company Doctor. Mild mental health problems can…

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Primary or secondary mental health care ➜

If your GP finds that your problems require more specialized treatment, you may be referred to a provider of General Basic Mental Healthcare (BGGZ or Primary Mental Healthcare), or directly to Specialized mental healthcare (SGGZ or…

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Admission to a Mental Health Institution ➜

Treatment of serious and complex psychiatric disorders sometimes requires a patient to be admitted to a Mental Health Institution. This usually takes place voluntarily in close consultation with everyone concerned. A person who is a danger…

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Finding a mental healthcare professional ➜

Generally the GP will suggest a Primary or Secondary Mental Health provider, but you have the freedom to choose your own provider. Beware, however, that not all providers have been registered by the Dutch Health Authority,…

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H4i Mental healthcare providers ➜

If you want to know how Mental healthcare is organized in the Netherlands, you may check out these pages first. H4i practices are making an effort to close the gap between Dutch healthcare and the needs…