H4i Mental healthcare providers

If you want to know how Mental healthcare is organized in the Netherlands, you may check out these pages first.

H4i practices are making an effort to close the gap between Dutch healthcare and the needs and expectations of internationals.

They have educated their professionals to understand the healthcare needs of different nationalities and cultures, their staff speak English fluently (and often other languages as well) and all information is provided in English. When required they also spend extra time in consultation to understand your particular needs and help you navigate Dutch healthcare. Members of H4i also liaise with the community to get feedback on the services they provide.

H4i certifies to what extent a member fulfills above requirements by awarding the H4i Qualified Practice predicate. The services of members with a Qualified Practice label are periodically reviewed by international patients registered at this Healthcare practice. Members that are currently developing or testing services, are not yet meeting all the requirements.

Kühler & Partners International Mental Health

Regions: Amsterdam, the Hague

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Region: the Netherlands

U-center is a mental health centre that offers treatments for people with mental health disorders and addiction. If all previous solutions do not work permanently, U-center offers a new perspective. In the comfortable treatment centre …….. read more