U-center is a mental health centre that offers treatments for people with mental health disorders (like depression, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, burnout and personality disorder) and addiction (alcohol, drugs). If all previous solutions do not work permanently, U-center offers a new perspective. In the comfortable treatment centre for multiple mental disorders, clients can actively work on themselves. The clinic is located near Maastricht, in the beautiful, rolling countryside of South Limburg in The Netherlands. In an intensive residential programme lasting seven weeks, U-center helps their clients to realize the U-turn – the point at which you make a lasting change in your mental health condition.

U-center treats the person, not just the condition. Mental disorders and addiction often go together. U-center is an expert when it comes to co-occurring conditions. At their clinic, clients receive personalized treatment to sustain them for life, taking into account family, relationships and work. Based on a solid theoretical and scientific background, U-center offers a range of therapies, methodologies, interventions and treatments. These are offered alternately at both individual and group level.

Of course U-center cannot help everyone, but there is a lasting good treatment result and no less than 88% of the clients recommend treatment at U-center.