When you need in-patient care

A medical specialist may recommend hospitalisation. Unless it is an emergency, you may need to wait weeks for an appointment. If admitted to the hospital, quite often you will be  in a shared room, or ward, of up to six patients of mixed-gender. Private rooms are rare and reserved for those patients that are seriously ill or fresh out of surgery.

Visiting hours vary between hospitals and are usually strictly enforced. Hospitals routinely offer free or paid-for services such as internet and television. You will need to bring your own nightwear and toiletries for an overnight stay in hospital.


There are children’s wards in all hospitals as well as special hospitals for children, which offer more facilities to keep children entertained or to do school work while in the hospital. Some of these hospitals also provide for parents to stay overnight with their child if required.

Academic and teaching Hospitals

In academic and other teaching hospitals a medical student or intern may be attending your consultation with a medical specialist.