How cost are determined

Depending on the type of care, Healthcare  Providers will charge your Health Insurance Provider for costs that are based on:

Fixed maximum tariffs

Fixed maximum tariffs, regulated by the Dutch Health Authority. These tariffs are mostly for Primary Healthcare, medication, and diagnostics. The tariffs are public and can be accessed at the site of the Authority (Dutch only).

Specifically, the GP charges a quarterly registration fee and a fee per consultation or medical treatment.

Negotiated tariffs

Tariffs that are negotiated between the Health Insurance Provider and a specific Healthcare Provider are mostly for Secondary/Tertiary Curative Healthcare Services. These tariffs differ considerably depending upon the Insurance Provider and Healthcare Provider involved.

Your Insurance Provider should be able to direct you to a Secondary Healthcare Provider taking into account the negotiated tariff, as well as distance or waiting list.

When selecting a Healthcare Provider this is, however, only possible for the most common and straightforward treatments. In case of more complicated care, the applicable (elements of) treatment and its negotiated tariff will only become clear after diagnosis and treatment .

Read how these costs are settled if you have Dutch basic health insurance or in case you don’t have Dutch health insurance.