Different specializations

Within the profession of physiotherapy there are certain treatments or complaint/patient types in which the physiotherapist can take a specific interest in, or even undertake additional education so he can become a Master in specific areas of physiotherapy treatments. These physiotherapists have a higher level of expertise regarding certain type of injuries and can often be of extra help regarding specific complaints.

A few examples include:

  • A manual therapist (“manueel therapeut”) specializes in problems related to bony structures/ joints which have for example a limited movement.
  • A sports physiotherapist specializes in complaints caused by sports, or complaints that prohibit people from participating in sports.
  • A geriatric physiotherapists specializes in complaints regarding elderly people and the many different forms of disabilities or diseases that comes with growing older.

There are of course many more specialisations. Ask your physiotherapist or doctor if you need to find a specialized physiotherapist.