Sponsor and partner policy

Healthcare for internationals (H4i) is a non-profit organization that aims to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs and expectations of internationals. We do this in two ways:

  • We support healthcare providers to have their practices meet the criteria of a H4i qualified practice
  • We provide objective and detailed information about Dutch healthcare through this platform and other media

We don’t represent any healthcare related commercial interest.


H4i does not receive any structural funding from health insurance companies or governmental institutions. We are financed by membership fees, which at this time do not yet cover the cost of our activities. Until such time that we can be financially independant, we do accept contributions from commercial organizations, but only if they are not providing healthcare or health insurance services, as the information we provide should not in any way be biased by commercial interests.


Partners are organizations that, just like H4i, provide non commercial services to internationals. We exchange information with our partners and support their activities aimed at providing information to internationals about Dutch healthcare, health insurance and other health related topic. H4i does not receive fees from its partners, nor pays fees to them.