Preventative Care and Health Checks

The Netherlands has good nation-wide preventive health programs. Preventative health programs are available at different stages in an individual’s development and most are free of charge. There are screening programs during pregnancy and several after a child is born such as developmental checkups and a preventative immunization program.

There are also population screening programs later in life for diseases such as breast, cervical and colon cancer. Next to that there are also screening options available for people at risk for certain diseases such as cardiovascular, pulmonary or sexually transmitted diseases. Ask your GP about nation-wide preventative health programs and services.

A general health check is not recommended in the Netherlands. This is because Dutch doctors consider them unlikely to be beneficial. If you are concerned and still desire a general checkup discuss the matter with your GP.

Private providers offer all kind of health checks, but these are generally not covered by Dutch health insurance providers.

Alternatively, you may also check with your employer as companies are required to offer their employees periodic health checks.