Profile of an International Advisory Group member

We are currently looking for:

  • critical thinkers
  • solution-oriented people
  • catalysts of change, fostering continuous improvement wherever they go

Ideally you meet at least 2-3 of the following criteria. You:

  • have a healthcare related profession/background as a plus, but definitely not mandatory
  • have lived abroad for a while and got in contact with the medical system (here or somewhere else)
  • have children (so we can enrich the feedback when it comes to consultation and services for the little ones within the system too)
  • live in a city/region with many internationals (and have a network there)

Your interests are related –even if not limited- to:

  • improve the interaction between users and providers of healthcare services at all levels
  • enhance the availability of information -and therefore services- in regards with Healthcare and Internationals
  • helping healthcare providers to turn regular complaints -about the system- into positive (and implementable) action plans that may later develop into shifting the experience of the expat user