Healthcare for Internationals

Themes and services

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Giving birth and young children ➜

The Netherlands boasts one of the best maternity and neonatal care systems in the world. However, the support and care given to young women through pregnancy and giving birth, may be quite different from what you…

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Preventive Healthcare ➜

Preventive health Care is healthcare which aims to prevent diseases. In the Netherlands this is done by means of preventive programs that consist of a combination of: Health education, e.g. about healthy food or the risks of…

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Antibiotics and other meds ➜

In the Netherlands, Doctors are less likely to prescribe Antibiotics and other medication compared to what you may be accustomed to. This article explains why this is, and what to do if you feel uncomfortable with…

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Differences in Medical culture ➜

There are a few recurring observations internationals make about the idiosyncrasies of Dutch healthcare: The GP (‘huisarts’) is unknown in many health systems, and if this professional does exist, he may have a role that differs…

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What to do when you arrive ➜

There are many things you need to arrange before or after you arrive in the Netherlands. Arranging for healthcare is just one of them, but obviously most important, especially if you are bringing small children or…