What does a GP do?

The role of the GP (‘huisarts’ or family doctor) in the Dutch health system is central to all health care. For many newcomers the single most important difference between medical practice in The Netherlands and that of other countries is the predominant role of the GP.

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Your GP is the key to Dutch healthcare ➜

The GP treats patients for common and minor diseases and can answer most of your general health questions. (S)he is able to perform minor surgery, e.g. a removal of a mole or place an IUD. The…

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Referral to another medical specialist ➜

For a referral to another medical specialist the GP will usually provide you a letter of reference to be given to the specialist, whom you in turn will call for an appointment. You may have to…

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Medication and medical records ➜

Your GP will also prescribe any medication you may need. Prescriptions are filled at a pharmacy (Apotheek). Here you may find another difference: In the Netherlands, doctors are less likely to prescribe antibiotics and other medication…