Medical Specialists and Hospitals

If your GP cannot diagnose or treat you, he may refer you to a medical specialist.

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You need a referral ➜

You may have to wait for an appointment, unless the matter is urgent. Specialists tend to work at public hospitals or private clinics. While most hospitals are general, some, such as the Juliana Children’s Hospital in…

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When you need in-patient care ➜

A medical specialist may recommend hospitalisation. Unless it is an emergency, you may need to wait weeks for an appointment. If admitted to the hospital, quite often you will be  in a shared room, or ward,…

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Registration ➜

When you visit the hospital for the first time, you are required to register with the patient registration desk. Bring with you your insurance information valid proof of identity (such as passport or driving licence). Also…

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Insurance coverage ➜

Most out-patient and in-patient treatments done by medical specialists at a hospital or clinic are covered by Basic Health Insurance, but there are some possible exceptions: Depending on the type of insurance policy you have, you…

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Finding a medical specialist ➜

In most cases your GP will suggest a medical specialist in a nearby clinic, when he is referring you. You are free, however, to select another medical specialist if you prefer to do so. Make sure…