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What if my child is not in this age group.

If your child does not fall into the above age groups, it will not receive an invitation to a meningococcal vaccination from the Dutch Immunizations program. The likelihood that someone in the Netherlands will get meningococcal W-disease is extremely small. It is still a rare disease. By vaccinating young people between the age of 14 and 18, the likelihood for all people in the Netherlands to get the disease is even smaller. In order to stop the increase in meningococcal W infections, it is not necessary at this time to vaccinate others with urgency.

If you still want to vaccinate your child (or yourself), you can discuss it with your GP or at a vaccination centre such as the GGD. Some vaccination centres of the GGD, municipal or regional health services offer the vaccine, others don’t or only limited. The vaccination is not free of charge. The vaccine costs about 60 to 80 euro at the pharmacy and there may be costs for the consultation.

Please note: The availability of meningococcal ACWY vaccine varies. Sometimes there are only few vaccines available. So it is not certain that it is always possible to have your child vaccinated on your own initiative.

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