Health insurance more expensive in 2020

Health insurance more expensive in 2020

Yesterday the Dutch government presented the 2020 budget. Insurance premiums are expected to increase about 3 € per month due to rising healthcare costs. Health insurance providers are free to set their premium by mid November at te latest, so actual premium increases may be higher or lower.

If you have health insurance at a discounted premium for instance through your company or as member of a sports association, you may face a more than average premium increase. This is because in 2020 insurance providers can no longer offer a 10% discount, but only up to 5%.

Excess remains at 385€

The mandatory level of ‘Eigen Risico’ (deductible) remains at 385€. If you are entitled to receive a healthcare benefit, you may expect an increase that exceeds the rise in premium. The government wants to improve the financial position of people with a lower income.

There will be some changes to the coverage of the Basic health insurance. For instance, the cost of medical support if you want to quit smoking, will no longer be subject to ‘Eigen Risico’. A full overview of changes will be provided in our Health insurance newsletter.

Health insurance newsletter

Parliament will still discuss the plans, so these plans may still change a bit. By November, plans should be final and  when insurance providers have all announced their premiums for 2020, it is decision time: should you change provider or policy for the new year?

In November we’ll issue a special Newsletter detailing what options you have and how to manage your healthcare cost in 2020. Sign up to receive this newsletter.


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