GPinfo: does it meet your needs?

GPinfo: does it meet your needs? provides online information in English about the most common health complaints.

For example: What to do if you have Covid-like symptoms? Should you call the doctor if your child runs a fever? How to deal with frequent feelings of anxiety or stress?

We need your feedback

Thousands of internationals have already found their way to

It is great to see this response, but is a first version that needs to be expanded and improved. For this we need your feedback. Please visit and check it out. Then complete the survey if you haven’t done so. Thank you!

Information for internationals was recently introduced by the Dutch College of GP's and H4i (Healthcare for internationals). All information is based on Dutch healthcare practices and adapted to the concerns of internationals.

GPinfo also provides extensive information about how Dutch healthcare is organised and how it may differ from what you are used to.

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